Who We Are . .

 Telesquad is an Information Technology services company that delivers custom software solutions, including web design and custom programming. Our customers range from Small Businesses to Corporate Organizations. Always up for challenges and solving problems, we deliver cost effective and pragmatic solutions that effectively utilizes Information Technology and helps organizations achieve their business goals. We strive to build long-term relationships with our customers. We will go the extra mile to maintain a healthy, growing relationship. Our services are available to a wide range of markets

What We Do..

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Social Media Marketing & Management
Database Administration Services
Data Entry Services
Android and IOS Development
Web Development Services
Hosted & Custom Dialers
Leads Management System
Technical Support Services
Factory Process Automation
Design & Art Services
Supply Chain Management System
Hosting Solution
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Client Reviews

Hassan: I would like to thank you and your team at Telesquad LLC for providing exceptional services to Delta Apparel Inc (DTG2 Go) since 2010. Your personal commitment to making DTG2 Go a success continuously exceeds ours expectations. Years after years, our team has learned to depend on the flexibility of your system, the ease of factory operations, warehouse management system and detailed reporting. You have become a trusted resource and contractor from the moment you began working with us in 2010. You and your team enthusiasm and dedication for the DTG2 Go systems with timely and efficient solutions made the decision to choose Telesquad LLC easy. The key factor for choosing to work with you and Telesquad LLC were your in-depth product knowledge, dedication to our needs and requirements, as well as your ability to supply with innovative solutions within the means of our budget. Throughout the years we have learned to appreciate the high levels of service you repeatedly provide specially during the busy seasons. We at Delta Apparel Inc are very satisfied and happy with the Custom ERP system your team has developed our years and looking forward to a long lasting relationship.

- Mike Sinquefield

Chief Operating Officer - Delta Apparel Inc
Once again I'm doing business with the TelesquadLLC company because they're phenomenal they take the time to get everything right, they put a lot of passion and love In every creation and they focus on complete and Uttermost customer satisfaction and I'm looking forward to doing ongoing and continuous business with TelesquadLLC, as I grow my company with the aid of their Outsource services, They've been working in the space for quite a number of years and it shows in the quality of their work the guidance and filling in some gaps that us is a new company may have overlooked and also the expediency of there on time Performance and delivery is phenomenal I wonder if there is enough words to clearly and accurately Express and relay the heartfelt joyous feeling that I get each and every time I work with this company TelesquadLLC


Their communication was very good and effective. They accepted multiple challenges and were able to provide effective solutions.

- Gabriel M.

“Telesquad did an amazing job, they communicated really well and kept me updated the entire time they fixed my websites code and developed a new page. Will be using them again for future work!”

- John F

“Team Telesquad is a fast and efficient. This is the second time I have used there services. They are very proficient Freelancer and although new to the Freelancing world, I would encourage to use there services. You'll get things sorted super fast. They places a lot of attention to detail.”

- Dale Folland

Outstanding Team. Went way beyond the job description to deliver an incredible result for our team. What started off as a simple project turned into a very complex one with multiple revisions and additions and we're pleased to have Telesquad manage the entire project without complaint. We are very pleased with the final result. Thank you.”

- Mark P.