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Why TeleSquad?

TeleSquad specializes in the management of individual talent that makes streamlined high-performance a reality. We will work together with your company or organization to custom-fit a business partnership. No project is too small or too large, and we take the time to understand your unique developing needs. We are an achievement-oriented company that focuses on results and milestones. Contact us to see what solutions we have for you.

Project Based Employees

No long term Contracts. You can hire an employee today!

For the hiring process to work and be successful, TeleSquad provides the following additional logistical, legal, HR and managerial services:

Office Management

HR executives and managers monitor and supervise your employee working at all times. TeleSquad’s physical presence also allows for:

  • A professional, administered and efficient office environment for your employee to work from.
  • Immediate and real time assistance for you.
  • Implementation of any of your directions.
  • Management of your employee and in accordance with your instructions.
  • Resolution of any problems.
  • Assurance that your employee is working effectively.
  • Checks and follow ups on employees.
  • Physical observation of the entire outsourcing process at all times.

Additional Services

  • All employment tax, insurance, labor law and employee benefits are responsibilities of TeleSquad and not you.
  • 24 hours client support department
  • A source of contact for immediate managerial assistance.
  • 24 hours employee technical and hardware support.
  • HR services: employee assistance, attendance, payroll, leaves, administration, enforcement of policies, etc.
  • Senior management support, guidance and advice if required.
What happens when you contact us?
TeleSquad recruits candidates that match the job description you provide and then submits their resumes to you. You review the resumes, and select the candidates you would like to interview and or test. Following the interviews and tests, you decide if you would like to hire any of the candidates.